Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pop princess ME


Monday, June 22, 2009


I am so bored! Maybe if I stop being famous and going to Hollywod every night I won't be so bored! Wat do U think? I need some one to entertain me! Please???


Justin Timberlake is such a bad singer! Plus what kind of last name is timberlake? U know I had a class-mate thats name was Timber. (wich I didn't really care bout the name) but then Timber+Lake???? That guy really needs some singing lessons. Some people actually like him! Is that possible? YUCK!


Ok so I was all u know sitting down and then suddenly someone opened the palace door. It was so SCARY! The person didn't even knock. But I found out it was my dad. LOL!

Olivia the maid's van and house.

This is Olivia's house

This is her car:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

my house

This is my house:

My house
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This is my limo:

This is wat it looks like inside:

Saturday, March 14, 2009



1. What Blog do u like better? 2. What should Olivia's nick-name be?

P.S. (princess stories)
M.B. (Morgan's Blog)

Princess MO! (1)

Hi! My name is Morgan by I prefer Princess MO or P.M. I just went to writing class and did you know that if u r

Friday, March 13, 2009


MO just now realized that she loved school very much! She wants to show u how awesome it is.


Morgan's Blog!

Hey everybody, I have another blog! I like it allot.....IDK y but....yeah so go to my other blog.

Princess MO!

Princess MO was no ordinary princess. She was a very hyper, disturbing, funny, and a bit of a person who wines allot. She lived in a far away magical palace that had graffiti written all over the palace. There was no guards or knights but there was some odd people who was kinda guarding the palace. (These following people): Simon Cowell, Roald Dahl, Kung Fu Panda, The Easter Bunny, and Tinkerbell. Princess MO's god mother was Tinkerbell because MO was Tinkerbell's biggest fan. She was tutored by Roald Dahl (in writing and reading) and in P.E. MO was tutored by Poe (kunk fu panda) and in music class MO was tutored by the strictest judge EVER! Simon Cowel. He really had to work on MO's older wicked-sister, Olivia. She tried to sing the ABD's in oprah! Now all the glasses in that palace were broken. Can u guess y? OLIVIA!

To Be Continued........